my diet pill

The story of My Diet Pill

My Diet Pill is a rock group which, in a few years, has gained an excellent reputation for live performances and glowing reviews. Thousands of albums sold, concerts, enthusiastic reviews, airplay on American college radios...

Created in Nice at the end of the last century by two singer-songwriters, My Diet Pill's uniqueness is immediately obvious with these two very distinct voices. The style stands out, but is not limited in any way – guitar-based rock joins folky ballads and punk agitations amongst more electronic sounds.
This eclecticism is double-edged: the press struggle to put a label on the group, but this singularity gives My Diet Pill an edge and has won over many fans. A DJ on American radio station KEXP (Seattle) gave a name to My Diet Pill's music: "Med-Fi".

After 2 albums both well-received by the public and the media, the group has a new release with some compact and percussive tracks. Brass, organs, theramin and mellotron join sharp guitars in songs where the melody leads the way.
Add to that : collaborations, remixes, remakes, covers and a colour comic-book, and you get "Beautiful girls like science-fiction".

Is it a CD? Is it a comic? Is it an album of remixes? No, it's all of that in one package. It's a collaboration of cult hero Monte Vallier, bassist in American group Swell, the shining lights of the Nice city scene, until now unfairly overlooked: Julien Ribot, Mlada Fronta, Curl, In extenso, expats, DJs throughout the world, talented cartoonists.

It's a cocktail of cockroaches, pretty girls, King Kong, Christmas songs, Elvis, incredible technology, Jew's harp, mad geniuses, robots...

My Diet Pill is forging ahead and is already thinking of what comes next.
A brand new album, Produced by Monte Vallier is scheduled for 2014.