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Friends :

Guillaume Follet draw the stories in the "Beautiful girls" comic book

Rémy Pelleschi
Recorded First album and mastering and remixed "me vs you vs love" on "Beautiful girls"

The lemon people
The lemon people draw one story of the "Beautiful girls" comic book.

Jati Music
A fine studio in Rome, Italy where we recorded Second Album

Julien Ribot
Covered "drowning man" on "Beautiful girls"

Covered "abc on the bell" on "Beautiful girls"

Remixed "alice" and "cockroach blues" on "Beautiful girls"

Remixed "me vs you vs love" on "Beautiful girls"

Remixed "alice" on "Beautiful girls"

Monte Vallier
Covered "cockroach blues" on "Beautiful girls"

DJ Mad Adam
Remixed "abc on the bell" on "Beautiful girls" and "Clouds are made of pain" from First album

In extenso
Mathieu Geghre played piano, violin and singed on Second Album and "Beautiful girls"

Norbert Bouche
Norbert was member of MDP in the early years and he played violin on First album

Bárbara Ribes is from Spain and she made a beautiful video clip for "me vs you vs love (Curl remix)"

If we forgot you, send us a message to tell us that we are assholes. We will apologize and add you ASAP.